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Story Behind The Art

Fullfilling The Dream

All the paths I took in life led me to this moment. Even when you feel you are the furthest from your destination, the next thing you know you look up and you have arrived.  Wildlife in wild places and western scenes is not just a saying to me it's what my life has been entangled by.  Each etching I create is a view I have observed on my path.       

At this very moment wildlife are living out their lives in wild places.

The west is still alive.  Cowboys and ranching are cohabitating with wild life. Western ideals are being put into practice.  Are there conflicts, sure.  But at the end of the day under brilliant sunsets, we all want to be here.  My artwork offers you the snapshots I have seen on my path throughout the Inter Mountain West.

Moments in time captures the viewer with endless observation.

My detailed pieces are meant to draw you in to envision movement.  To inspire you to create a story.  A story of what you want the west to be.  

Original Description

Wildlife in Wild Places & Western Scenes